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did you hear about the spider love triangle?

did you hear about the spider love triangle?
04/10/2018 18:36

Sur le blog Scathingly Brilliant

did you hear about the spider love triangle?

It was a tangled web. Few things scare me more than seeing a real spider in my house (or honestly even outside of my house) but when it comes to Halloween apparel, spiders and spiderwebs are two of my favorite motifs. I think I like the aesthetic of the web and the shape of illustrated and definitely not real spiders, and it's almost like the designs are a distinct, separate thing from the actual bug. I know a few people who are comfortable with picking up spiders (with their bare hands!!) and it just gives me the willies. The only spiders I'll be touching are the knitted-on-my-sweater kind, thank you very much :) sweater - c/o modcloth | brooch - c/o...

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