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Why Getting a Wolfhound Was the Best Idea Ever

Why Getting a Wolfhound Was the Best Idea Ever
25/10/2019 19:06

Sur le blog The Clothes Horse

Why Getting a Wolfhound Was the Best Idea Ever

One of the things they say about Irish wolfhounds is that they form incredibly close bonds with their families. So far, Solomon's greatest demand has been our time and attention. He isn't prone to chewing on the furniture or our shoes, or jumping or excessive nipping, but he really wants you to see him, pet him, play with him. If he's settled in the living room chewing on a toy and I get up from my seat to go into the kitchen to cook, he leaves his toy and follows me and lays down at my feet while I'm working at the stove. Even when he's happily occupied with a toy he wants to be on your feet or lap. In fact, that's probably when he's happiest in the evenings, sitting...

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