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Embracing Fairytale Fashion

Embracing Fairytale Fashion
17/10/2020 20:45

Sur le blog The Clothes Horse

Embracing Fairytale Fashion

For me, fashion has really always been about personal style and a way of expressing myself and growing in confidence. Back when I started to develop my personal style I didn’t have a lot of confidence, so it’s not surprising that as I get more comfortable in my own skin my style has become both more repetitive and more outlandish. I mean, so many of my outfits lately have the same feeling and I love repeating clothes, but those outfits also toe the line towards a fairytale character. I've figured out what I like and I've learned to embrace it. If you were privy to my bookshelf growing up or observed the sheer volume of hours I spent escaping into fictional realms it...

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