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How To Get In A High Vibe State Of Mind

How To Get In A High Vibe State Of Mind
15/09/2021 06:56

Sur le blog The Everyday Elevated

How To Get In A High Vibe State Of Mind

I’ve been feeling a bit low energy/low vibe lately…  Which is to be expected as I’m going through a challenging time (candida protocol), which I’ll talk about more really soon. I just need to be in a better mood and headspace to put that post together. It’s been about 6 weeks (out of 12) of being on the nutrition portion of the protocol, and about 2 weeks of being on the supplement portion of the protocol. I’m not going to sugar-coat it; it’s been pretty challenging, and I’ve mainly been focusing on myself these past few weeks. It takes A LOT of energy to prepare all your meals to make sure they...

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