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Ultimate Thrifting Guide: Concepts & Considerations

Ultimate Thrifting Guide: Concepts & Considerations
15/05/2024 15:42

Sur le blog Jodie's Touch of Style

Ultimate Thrifting Guide: Concepts & Considerations

If you are still a newbie at secondhand shopping, I came up with an idea of this thrifting guide to help you in an entirely different way. Quote of the day: “It is good for a professional to be reminded that his professionalism is only a husk, that the real person must remain an amateur, a lover of the work.” May Sarton Even if you don’t love the idea of wearing clothing that other’s have worn in the past, this thrifting guide has many non-clothing objects included. This is not about finding the perfect item, this is not about filling your closet with more stuff. It’s about concept and considerations that you might...

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