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King’s Canyon Rim Walk and Pushing Your Limits

King’s Canyon Rim Walk and Pushing Your Limits
2019-01-04 14:35

From blog Moda Mama

King’s Canyon Rim Walk and Pushing Your Limits

The final hike of the tour was here. Up early and up 200 metres to the top of the mountain.  Then around the rim of the canyon and back down. That was the trek. At the beginning of the whole trip, I know I got a few looks – the girl with all the pretty dresses. You know she’s gonna be a diva. But I’d like to think that by the end I had proved that old adage, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Because I did all the walks, often being at the front, in my pretty dresses. Actually, I thinks sometimes the dresses helped: I got air flow where otherwise you wouldn’t have. And when it came to climbs and...

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