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Is It Spring Yet?!

Is It Spring Yet?!
2019-03-01 17:22

From blog Simply Rachel Nicole

Is It Spring Yet?!

Top ( similar )/Coat ( similar )/ Jeans /Boots ( similar ) I don't know about you guys, but I am so ready for spring and summer! We have another storm blowing through our area on Sunday and the low is supposed to be -6! I am so looking forward to not feeling cold all of the time, being able to take Clint outside without being covered, and wearing summer clothes! That being said, I do love wearing boots and coats, so I guess I'll look on the brightside! ;) I wore this outfit to take Rosalie to gymnastics and honestly, it just felt good to be in something other than leggings or sweats! I was just thinking how important it is for me to get...

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