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What Day Is It? (WFH)

What Day Is It? (WFH)
2020-03-26 17:35

From blog What Lou Wore 365

What Day Is It? (WFH)

My kids are notorious long sleepers and have been pulling solid 12 hour shifts overnight this week, helped along by all the PE with Joe Wicks lessons, Elodie's online gymnastics coaching and running around the garden in the sunny weather. I genuinely thought I'd have more time to do bits around the house being at home all day but I've been sleeping in longer because they are, turning my laptop on whilst still in my dressing gown and getting confused about what day it is - particularly when my admin assistant logged in on Tuesday; she works Wednesday - Friday normally but was bored! As for hoovering and dusting... forget about it mate, not happening at the moment. Once...

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