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Amanda vs Undercover Hoodie

Amanda vs Undercover Hoodie
2020-05-24 09:52

From blog Bimble & Pimble

Amanda vs Undercover Hoodie

Last September I managed to injure my foot and ankle pretty badly while hiking through New Zealand. What I thought was a simple sprain turned into six months of intense work with my physiotherapist and having to hang up my running shoes while things healed. A couple of weeks ago I got the all clear to start some short rehab run/walk intervals and decided to celebrate by sewing myself a cute running top for the cooler months. Heck yes to being outside again! This is the Undercover Hoodie by Papercut Patterns. This pattern is an older offer from Papercut and one I’ve had sitting in my PDF stash for years. Better late than never! The Undercover Hoodie...

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