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Blue and lime sweater by Essentiel Antwerp

Blue and lime sweater by Essentiel Antwerp
2020-05-24 20:49

From blog No Fear of Fashion

Blue and lime sweater by Essentiel Antwerp

The easiness of this blue and lime sweater sold me, plus the earrings that went with it. As I cannot wear those earrings yet, I chose my lime rubber necklace as accessory which is a present from Sylvia ( 40plusstyle ). You have seen it before  here and when Sylvia, Suzanne Carillo , Anja ( Curly Traveller ) and I cruised though Amsterdam here (oh happy days). As I told you, I ordered quite a lot from Essentiel Antwerp with my last salary before retirement. I only needed the link to their website and went down the rabbit hole. The patent leather ankle boots are also from Essentiel but from last year (or the year before). Ron was my photographer and we went to...

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