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Hallowe'en Flashback!

Hallowe'en Flashback!
2020-11-01 00:33

From blog Ephemera

Hallowe'en Flashback!

Happy Hallowe'en, my friends! Hallowe'en is a "thing" in Canada, just like in the US. People decorate, kids go trick-or-treating, we decorate the office, there's lots of candy. But the best part of all - for me - is dressing up! (Candy is a close second). Prior to starting my blog in 2008, I have dressed up for Hallowe'en nearly every year I can remember (and some I can't!), pretty much since I was born. In October 2008 I tanked on Hallowe'en and just wore regular clothes - I just wasn't feeling it. My colleagues complained (" Where is your zombie outfit ?"), and I regretted not making an effort. I've never missed a year dressing up since, whether it's a...

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