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Plaid Sweater, Tulle and a Teal T-Strap Flashback

Plaid Sweater, Tulle and a Teal T-Strap Flashback
2020-11-05 18:54

From blog Ephemera

Plaid Sweater, Tulle and a Teal T-Strap Flashback

Yet another plaid item from me, but I'm all out of plaid dresses, so it's a sweater this time. How exciting. I played around with it in my closet last night, holding it up to various skirts and trousers to see how it went, wondering what colour to put with it. Sweater - Marc Jacobs, gift from Rae-Anne; received here Skirt - Trina Turk, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in July for shopping; Flashback here Shoes - Chanii B; last worn here in March with zig-zags Once I landed on this lovely navy blue tulle skirt, I was set. Although there is no navy in the knit, the skirt picks up the darker black bands in the sweater. Then I...

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