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Refresh My Summer with Starbucks

Refresh My Summer with Starbucks
2014-05-29 00:00

From blog Daily Disguise - A Fashion and Beauty Blog by Lucy

Refresh My Summer with Starbucks

During past summers, I would always find myself frantically digging through my closet for my summer clothes but unable to find anything suitable to wear puzzling, I know . This summer, I'm trying something a little different and remixing some of my pieces from the fall and winter into my summer wardrobe. Thanks to Bottled Starbucks ® Iced Coffee, I'll have all the energy to prepare my wardrobe for this summer! It's always easy to style skirts for the fall and sweaters for the winter; just throw on some flats and a cute tee for the former, and classic jeans & jacket for the latter, and you're all set. But how about using some...

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