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My Wardrobe Makeover with Progresso™

My Wardrobe Makeover with Progresso™
2014-10-14 07:56

From blog Daily Disguise - A Fashion and Beauty Blog by Lucy

My Wardrobe Makeover with Progresso™

The start of this Fall has been anything but normal – the calendar says it should be Autumn already, yet the temperature definitely doesn't feel that way. I guess this may be a blessing in disguise since it will give me a little time to revamp my wardrobe. Therefore, I’ve partnered with Progresso ™ to share with you all how I would spend $1,000 to makeover my wardrobe to look and feel my best! My first go-to item that would have to be in my wardrobe makeover is this utility cargo jacket. You can usually find a good quality one for around $100-150, and I prefer to splurge a little more on this staple since I wear it on so many occasions!...

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